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Fuel Your Need for Speed and Blood in October’s PS Plus Games

Here we are again playing the PS Plus games game. Let’s take a look at our two contenders. First, we have Need For Speed: Payback. After reading the description on the PlayStation Blog, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the Mel Gibson movie Payback. It does have three different characters with different skills, customizable cars, and tons of events in the open-world city of Fortune Valley.

The second game coming next month is Vampyr. Set in 1918, you play a doctor who has been turned into a one of the undead. You’ll be fighting other creatures, vampire hunters, and your neverending thirst in foggy London. The twist here is that you can kill a lot of people and choose when to do it. It will make your character stronger. However, killing someone can have big consequences, so pick your victims carefully.

That’s the end of the game for another month. Did these two new games make your day, or are they a disappointment? It’s different for everyone, so let us know what you think.

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