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Fumito Ueda Teases Post-Last Guardian Project

Fumito Ueda, director of The Last Guardian, was the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Character trophy at the recent D.I.C.E Awards. And whilst he paid his thanks to all involved, he let it slip that he’s currently thinking of his next game.

Ueda explained that winning awards was the last thing on his mind during the development of The Last Guardian, but receiving such recognition for his work gives him the courage to start a new project.

Unfortunately, that was the extent of the teaser. No name, no style, no plot. And with his departure from Sony Interactive Entertainment a few full moons ago, we can’t be sure if it will even be a Playstation title. But as he is now captain of his own ship at genDesign, Ueda is free to follow his heart. And if The Last Guardian was just the warm up, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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