#FUNTIME Promises 50 Levels of Fun Times and Thrills, Releasing July 16th on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch

Geometry Wars has had a long rest since the last game released on PS4/PS Vita, and during that time a new contender has awoken, and it’s called #FUNTIME.

That’s the name, honestly. The developers made a game and then got stuck on the naming of it and decided to call it what it is: a fun time, presumably better with a bit of hash? Who knows, all I know is that it looks absolutely bonkers and should be right up the alley of anyone who sunk an unhealthy amount of time into any of the Geometry Wars games.

#FUNTIME comes by way of Seattle-based development house, The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. Again, another dodgy naming situation, but whatever. It’s different, and it makes a group of already smart people seem that much smarter. Respect for the hustle.

OK, so what is #FUNTIME? It’s an arcade game that’s clearly inspired by the arcade games of yesteryear, but it’s bringing its own twists. The PR described the game as a glowing, neon bastard child of Geometry Wars and Smash TV. What more do you really need to know? You can read the little chunk of text from the PR down below for more info, but you should definitely watch the announcement trailer to really see why everyone at PP is going to be fighting over the rights to review this one.

Main Features:
#Funtime has 50 levels that include treacherous mazes players must escape, color-match attack and defense mechanics, and even a wrecking ball flail you can whip around the arena to deal devastating damage across the stage!
Swap through four ship colors that provide unique shooting patterns, color the floor tiles to create walls of defense against similarly colored enemies, grant access to temporary, color-coded safe zones so players can attack with impunity, and so much more! #Funtime is everything you didn’t know you wanted in an upgrade to your long Asteroids and Galaga sessions.
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