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Furi Unleashes One More Fight DLC Alongside Performance Patch

‘Entertaining’ and ‘Rage inducing’ are just two of the many descriptors our reviewer used when Furi released last year. While it’s certainly one for the game masochists among us, there’s sure to be many who enjoyed the tangible risk/reward balance and are eager for more. Good news for you lot then, as developer The Game Bakers has simultaneously announced and released the “first and only” DLC pack for the game today, titled ‘One More Fight.’ Alongside the DLC comes a performance patch for all players allowing for alternate control schemes and more. Check out the DLC trailer above for some frenetic neon action, then read more of our lovely describing words below.

If you weren’t able to work it out from the helpful title of the DLC, One More Fight features, well, one more fight against a brand new boss from designer Takashi Okazaki and music from electro-artist Scattle. ‘The Flame’ is a vengeful opponent (or ‘revengeful’ according to the press release, some people eh?) that will challenge your skills and test your wit to the extreme. Much like the rest of Furi’s bosses, then. The boss will be playable in Furi and Furier difficulties and the content will be accessible directly from the main menu. The release from The Game Bakers also teases some additional content but they’re keeping tight-lipped as to what that could be. The DLC is available now from the PlayStation store at $3.99 for North America and €3.99 for Europe. For those who didn’t manage to pick up Furi when it released via PS Plus, there’s also a discount on the main game to celebrate the DLC, with 30% off for PS Plus members and 20% for others.

Alongside the DLC comes a patch for all PS4 players that squashes some bugs as well as adding in one feature that players have been clamoring for for a while, alternate control schemes. The full features of the patch are,

  • Alternate control schemes for the game pad
  • Render quality options (may improve performances)
  • HUD position option (if your HUD is vertically cropped on your display)
  • Retweak for Promenade difficulty mode (added more variety to the fights)
  • Slight nerf for The Burst and The Line fights (in Furi difficulty story mode only – NOT in Speedrun mode)
  • Added hint for automove on paths in story mode
  • Fixed several bugs

So, are you up for One More Fight? Is this DLC or the patch likely to make you jump back into Furi? That is, if you’re not still struggling to get past some its punishing boss fights as it is. Whatever your feelings, let us know in them there comments! (Declarations of undying love are appreciated, though not necessarily reciprocated).

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