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Fury is Ready for Action in the Darksiders III Intro Trailer

Darksiders has a distinct world, characters, and feel. Each of the horsemen has motivations and a personality separate from the others, but what is Fury’s take on the Apocalypse? How does she enter the story?

To begin to answer those questions, THQ Nordic has given you the intro trailer for Darksiders III. As usual, the poop has hit the fan, and The Charred Council is stepping into the situation to provide balance. It’s a little late for humanity, and things are moving much too slowly for Fury.

She is a literal and figurative hothead. As a mage, she uses fire and even has flaming hair in a couple of the trailers. She is also very impatient when you waste her time. She is the living embodiment of rage, and she won’t hesitate to let you know it. Maybe that’s the attitude to have when you are pursuing the Seven Deadly Sins from the pristine heights of Heaven to the burning depths of Hell.

Darksiders III is only about eight days away from its November 27th release. After an uncertain development status and six years after Darksiders II, the wait for the next chapter will end.

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