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Fury Takes Different Forms in Darksiders III

Fury is full of talents, and she adapts to the situation. In the latest Darksiders III, we see a little of the Force form. As a mage, she uses her powers and the powers given by the Hollow Lord to take on one of four acquired forms to whip the supernatural forces in Heaven, Hell, and a messed up, post-apocalyptic Earth as she takes on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Those powers are more than just offensive and defensive. Her weapon, Scorn, changes from a slicey whip into a hammer that packs a wallop. It can also attract rubble and enemies before blasting them back out like a little bomb. Using that attraction, she can form a sphere to help her move across the wall or over the ceiling. With the planet badly in need of some general contractor work, a little added mobility won’t hurt.

Darksiders III is looking just as fast and furious (ha ha) as ever. For those who have missed it, the same open world puzzler action is returning in this third entry to the franchise. The Charred Council asks Fury to eliminate the Seven Deadly Sins. Based on past interactions with that group, there is probably a lot more going on than meets the eye.

Darksiders III will be released on November 27th.

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