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FuturLab Commits to PSVR With Mini-Mech Mayhem, Coming 2018

FuturLab, the development studio behind Tiny Trax for PSVR, has shown its commitment to the platform by announcing another PSVR game over on the official PlayStaion Blog. The new game from the British studio is called Mini-Mech Mayhem and it is poised to release in 2018.

The studio isn’t being very forthcoming with details on its latest PSVR project, only going as far to say that the game is robot battle game where you’re the “big buddy” and your Mini-Mech is the “little buddy” and that you’ll have a “buddy cop” relationship with your Mini-Mech.

Again, there is very little information about the game but we’re sure the studio, with the support of Sony, will be showing off more in the near future. Perhaps we’ll get our first look at this year’s Paris Games Week? Or perhaps the PlayStation Experience later this year? Or maybe none of the above. Damn you, FuturLab, you bloody teases.

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