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Game Informer Has Exclusive Spider-Man Coverage (And That’s an Actual Announcement)

Over on the PlayStation Blog, there is an article letting everyone know they can read details about the new Spider-Man game in the May issue of Game Informer. There are 14 pages of photos and insights into “the combat mechanics, web swinging, open-world activities, unexpected RPG elements, and story details” from Andrew Reiner, the Executive Editor over at Game Informer.

Along with insight into different costumes, they will have a month of coverage with new details for hungry fans. You can even shoot your questions to Andrew on Twitter (@Andrew_Reiner), and he will try to answer as many as possible. That is cool, because the community always figures out some great questions.

We are mostly interested in the release date, but the article does not say to expect that. We would guess that is an E3 bombshell, but we are happy to be proven wrong on that.

Despite what Laddie tells us, God of War is not the only game launching this year. (She might give a kidney for an early copy if we do not receive one for review.) Spider-Man is an enormous title for the PS4, and everyone here is ready to play it yesterday.

It still feels a little strange to write about details that are coming without the actual details. It will probably feel strange the next time we do it too.

What are your thoughts? Do you like announcements about upcoming announcements? Is it just business as usual? Give us your perspective in the comments. 

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