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Game Informer Teases God of War Cover, Details in February Issue

God of War must be one of the most anticipated games of the year. But despite everyone’s best efforts at keeping their ears to the ground, very little has actually been said, including the very important matter of when we can expect its release. But all that could be about to change as Game Informer has revealed that God of War is set to take over as February’s cover artist. And there could be more revelations amongst its pages. So listen up, PlayStationers, this is important.

In their most recent news post, Game Informer also made us all green with envy – think the Hulk eating broccoli in a jungle. Not only did the team jet off to Santa Monica to visit the studio but they also got the money-can’t-buy experience of playing the actual game. You don’t understand how much self-control it took to refrain from using cap-lock in the last statement; OUR MUMS WILL BE PROUD.

The team speak about “diving into the combat to see how Kratos’ new array of gear and abilities change the battlefield”, so we can expect details on the game’s mechanics. And they “interviewed the team about reimagining the God of War formula, bringing players closer to the action, Junior w Kratos’ relationship with his son manifests in gameplay“, which means we’ll get a good idea on how much Kratos Junior nags Daddy Kratos about if they’re there yet.

And if that wasn’t enough, Game Informer are also planning on publishing exclusive features on their website throughout February. Concept art and interviews are just two of the carrots being dangled on the stick.

We must admit, February’s cover does little to quell our impatience; it only makes us want it even sooner. Hopefully a first / early second quarter release is still on the cards, otherwise the Hulk might do some deforestation of his own…

What do you make of the cover? Has it got you going crackers for Kratus? And would you take your mini-me on a once in a lifetime mythical adventure? We would, if Dora the Explorer could be played on a stone tablet…

God of War

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