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Gameplay Will be Cross-generational Between PS4 and PS5

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan sat down with CNET ( a website that doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to autoplay video ads) to discuss the future of PlayStation and the upcoming PS5. As part of Sony’s focused marketing, he continued to talk about the future. Although they are not ready to unveil the entire console, he admitted the company is approaching these discussions as a way to get ahead of leaks and rumors that will only confuse us with its “garbled nonsense”, instead of a clear message with actual facts. Nicely done, Jim, and very much appreciated.

He talked more about the PS5’s hardware in a general way by dropping a few more hints. The console will support 4K resolution at 120Hz refresh rates. We heard a rumor about 8K capabilities (or maybe it was in the Mark Cerny interview), but I would be extremely happy for all games to do 4K, 60 FPS, and look great doing it.

The console will have a standardized model. It will come with an optical drive, better surround audio, and the custom SSD that will load your games really, really quickly. The article uses the term “default model”, so I wonder if the PS5 will have more than one version out of the gate at different price points. I also keep wondering if that hard drive will be user replaceable.

From the business side, he talks about several concepts including the company’s pillars of brand, exclusive games, and community (a pillar he believes deserves love and respect). Under his watch, the company will not be walking away from story-based games. They do recognize competitors such as Stadia, and they might have a hybrid console more focused on cloud gaming in the future. He doesn’t know for sure, and he doesn’t know if the PS5 is the last traditional console either. The future is still open.

Ryan was very open during the conversation, but he wouldn’t divulge the plans for the PSVR’s successor. I would be very surprised if it’s not in the works, but he gave a very short answer that I’m sure pleased PR:

“We have nothing to say about any potential next-gen VR product at this stage. We continue to believe that VR has the potential to be a really meaningful part of the future of interactive entertainment.”

He’s also grateful that every PSVR owner was willing to find the money for the peripheral. He feels “good about that”. Those who have spent some time under the helmet feel the same.

For me, the best part of the interview was his confirmation that Sony is truly committed to backwards compatibility by offering cross-generational play. Basically, I can play a game on my PS4, stop, and pick it up later on my PS5. If you are playing with friends, they can be with you on either console. This is great news, and I’m happy to see them embracing it.

Although there are no explosive tidbits, it’s a good interview if you want to know more of what the head of PlayStation thinks, because he will be directing the launch and life of the PS5. After the PS4’s success, the pressure is on to deliver an excellent experience to keep all those fans from jumping ship to other consoles.

Take your time, and do it right. We’ll be here.

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