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Gamers Cancel Death Stranding Pre-orders Over PC Announcement

Hideo Kojima finally confirmed Death Stranding was a multi-platform release. But rather than that being a reason to rejoice, a minority of PlayStation users are using it as a reason to cancel their pre-order – stating the money Sony has personally invested should be reserved for PlayStation exclusive projects only. Like this one was until it wasn’t.

Surprisingly this isn’t a view echoed by the PC crowd, who are overjoyed by the announcement. In fact, their sentiment is “the more who can enjoy Kojima’s masterpiece the better”. But there are many who don’t agree with that and are using social media as an outlet to vent their upset.

“Sony keeps shooting themselves in the foot,” said one. “There won’t be a reason to own PS4 anymore”, Tweeted another. And others commented on how the computer community are always wanting PS games.

It’s mad to see just how much emotion this decision has stirred up. Especially as it isn’t a negative such as a cancellation or delay. But I guess we’re a passionate bunch, and there are some things we feel we have to speak out against and stand up to. For some, a multi-platform Death Stranding is just that.

The true impact of these cancellations is yet to be seen. In fact, we might never witness their effect. Or whether all of those who made the statement will go through with it. But in two weeks’ time we’ll definitely see whether Death Stranding lives up to the hype. And then, perhaps, the whole gaming community can unite in their admiration for interactive digital entertainment rather than separate due to their hardware differences.

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