Gamescom 2016: Deck 13 Shows Off the Combat and Crafting in The Surge

Gamescom 2016: Deck 13 Shows Off the Combat and Crafting in The Surge

The Surge is due for a 2017 PS4 release date and in case you haven’t heard of it previously; the game is a Sci-Fi action RPG with a┬ástrong emphasis on melee combat. Usually when you think Sci-Fi you imagine the standard laser guns you’re normally equipped with and some new futuristic spin on the standard grenade. The Surge, however, has opted to stick to a more melee based combat system that comes across as very visceral. As explained in the video that you can check out at the bottom, many of the ‘weapons’ used were never really meant to be weapons, most of your combat arsenal is made from industrial machinery and just scrap that you’ve crafted together.

A strong point of the combat in our opinion is the targeting system where you can specifically target certain body parts of your opponent and eventually in a cool cinematic sequence, chop it off. This isn’t just for the visuals, however, as you can also loot the body part you detached from its host. The example of this in the video is you come across an enemy with a helmet on that you decide you want. Of course, the logical thing to do is behead him and take it. Although you actually just receive the blueprints for said item and will have to craft it yourself when you reach a Medbay which are The Surge’s crafting stations.

Many developers like to implement intricate crafting systems into their games and The Surge is no different here, you collect items and blueprints that you can eventually craft at the Medbays. It must be said that Deck 13 has made some awesome looking weapons and armour/exo items for The Surge, we look forward to seeing what else they cook up along the way. The video at the bottom will give you a lot more detail on crafting in the game, including a look at stats and how what you use and wear will affect your gameplay style.

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