Gamescom 2016: Japanese Action-RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Gets Trailer, Release Window

More PS4 news from Gamescom 2016 today as Focus Home Interactive’s ‘J-A-RPG’ Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom gets a new trailer, which you can check out in full above. It has also been tentatively slated to release ‘at the end of the year’ and will be available on Xbox One and PC as well as PS4.

Additional story details have also been revealed about the game, the blurb goes as follows;

‘After a fateful meeting with a mysterious being called Terra, a spirit that only he can see, Chado [The main character] is given a mission to find the “Land of Life”. Hidden in this land are the secrets of Shi, the magic that governs the world. In Chado’s way, a brutal war erupts from two sister-kingdoms, Adorya and Adorn, leaving the shattered world of Mahera in the middle of a power-struggle. But are things really as they seem? Conspiracies and the dastardly forces of evil await Chado and his new allies. Your decisions will determine the destiny of the planet and the outcome of the war.’ 

It all sounds like standard RPG story waffle to us; but the developers, Enigami, have fortunately given a little more information on why this release hopes to stand out from the J-RPG crowd. They describe their gameplay as ‘intense one on one battles combining fighting game mechanics with magic, quests and fantasy adventure.’ Which sounds like a concept with potential, if executed correctly.

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This description, combined with the pretty ‘soft-anime’ style graphics shown in the trailer, (as the game itself is entwined with a manga of the same name) mean this game has managed to sneak its’ way onto our radar.

Full disclosure on the above trailer: it’s all Japanese and no subtitles so far. The game is planned for worldwide release, however, so hopefully we will have some more information on the localisation options soon.

You can find more information on the game (mercifully in English this time) here

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