Gamescom 2016: NieR: Automata – Producer Yosuke Saito Interviewed

Way back in the PS3 days of 2010, The original NieR (itself a spinoff of the Drakengard series) released to… mixed critical reception. Despite some reviewers’ inability to make it past the first hour, NieR established it’s fusion of JRPG story and exploration with action-oriented combat as something of a cult hit. With platinum games taking the lead on the upcoming sequel, there’s some understandable expectation that it will surpass it’s predecessor. Dualshockers caught up with producer Yosuke Saito at Gamescom 2016 to get the low-down;

Platinum games’ Yosuke Saito has revealed more details about the length and scope of NieR Automata at Gamescom today. When asked about the length of the game; he informed the interviewer that while he had previously stated the main story line would take around 25 hours to complete, his team in Japan have told him “no, it probably takes a lot longer than that.”

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He also teased the fact that there will be multiple endings to the game and while side quests wont be necessary to complete it, if you want to see the ‘true’ ending you’ll “probably have to do the side quests as well.” Side quests will take the form of both shorter stand-alone objectives and longer multi-part narratives. He went on to say that the Resistance camp shown so far will not be the only settlement in the game.

No firm release date is yet available for NieR: Automata, with ‘early 2017’ being the studio’s best estimate. Check out the tempting E3 trailer showcasing Platinum’s signature fast-flowing combat above.

If you like to give people money for the promise of a game at some point in the future, you can already pre-order Nier Automata (PS4) here.

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