Gamescom 2016: Play The Nioh Beta Demo For Free DLC

If you missed the Nioh Alpha Demo in April, KOEI TECMO will be offering a new Beta Demo for the dark, fantasy action RPG, developed by Team NINJA. It will run from August 23rd – September 6th, and it will offer new areas, weapons, magic, and more opportunities to earn free DLC.

The Beta Demo will have multiple areas for you to test your skills. The Usuki area from the Alpha is back with many changes made from prior player feedback. If you showed the village of Usuki who’s boss in the Alpha, you can go straight to the new Nakatsu stage with weapons and more starting money. Once the game launches, beating the Usuki area in the demo will give you the Mark of the Conqueror DLC, and defeating the monsters and humans in Nakatsu will give you the Mark of the Strong DLC.

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Players looking for more of a challenge can take on the Twilight mission. This lets you go back to either area and fight stronger monsters for better rewards. If it proves too challenging, there will also be a Training Dojo to teach you how to fight with the basic katana and to better prepare you for the game.

We think any trailer featuring a half-woman, half-spider yokai ranks pretty highly, so we will be watching the PS4 exclusive Nioh more closely going forward. Feel free to let us know your favorite monsters in the comments.

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