Gamescom 2017: Be the Grist for the Machine Tribe in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

We thought the Terror Tribe was bad. The Machine Tribe makes the Terror Tribe look like a bunch of posers at Hot Topic. They brand other orcs, shove flaming explosives into their mouths, and generally use every kind of torture. It is also so methodical and organized, not to mention the fortress with flaming lava everywhere that would make a James Bond villain pee his pants with excitement.

They seem to be a major source of production for Sauron’s armies, but they are not worried about you yet. They do not even consider you worthy of being their enemy. We will see if a few hundred stealth kills and brands make them change their minds.

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Check out the newest trailer, and let us know if you think they are the (latest) worst thing to hit Mordor or just deadly weapon-designing prima donnas.

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