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Gamescom 2017: Drive the BMW M5 Like You Stole It Before You Can Actually Steal It in Need for Speed: Payback

Driving games and licensing can be a bumpy road, but EA is stretching its financial muscles with a new deal with BMW. Need for Speed: Payback will include the 2018 BMW M5, even though the car will not officially release until next year.

Without plunging too deeply into the gushing marketing, it is a four door, all-wheel drive sedan with 600 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque. We are not sure that BMW is officially marketing to criminals looking to escape from the police, but it should more than be able to get the job done. However, there is no word on the number of cup holders, so someone may have to hold their smoothie while trying to stay out of prison.

Check out the trailer to see the M5 in action, and be ready to give Need for Speed: Payback a test drive on November 10th.

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