Gamescom 2017: Meet the Monsters You’ll Kill in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

If there is one thing we would increase from the original, it is the variety of things to stealthily kill or ride from Shadow of Mordor. The latest trailer shows us the new monsters, and it includes a (YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!) Balrog, among other things that will only wind up leaving a stain on our daggers.

If that sounds a little too easy, there is a monster in the trailer that even makes Celebrimbor wets his pants a little. He tells Talion to kneel, and we are pretty sure that after you are dead you do not have to kneel for almost anyone.

We look forward to pushing our luck with the more deadly denizens of Mordor when Middle-earth: Shadow of War burns up space on our hard drives on October 10th.

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