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Gamescom 2018: Anime Universes Collide in New Jump Force Trailer

A new Jump Force trailer from Gamescom shows off some powerful moves from several heavy hitters of the anime world. Frieza from Dragon Ball Z is prominently on display fighting Rukia from Bleach. Ichigo and Vegeta make an appearance as well. I may not watch enough a anime (or just not Naruto), because I don’t immediately recognize some of the others.

What I do recognize is that Jump Force looks amazing. We have seen other anime fighters, but the combat is fast and very fluid in the trailer. The art style looks like it will translate very well across the many different properties included in the game. It’s hard not be impressed while watching the action.

Jump Force is probably a dream game for many anime fans. Who wouldn’t want your favorite characters from different manga and anime battling in one place? Considering the destruction that would cause, I would leave town immediately, but I would still want to watch the fight.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until 2019, before we can arrange fights between our favorite characters. Until then, check out the trailer, and listen to its inspiring music a few times to try to forget that we won’t see this one for a while.

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