Gamescom 2019: Avengers Assemble for First Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay

Gamescom 2019: Avengers Assemble for First Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay

Gamescom has delivered the first gameplay demo for Marvel’s Avengers. Comprising the first level of the game, it’s a chance to see Hulk smash, Tony shoot lasers almost as quickly as his trademark sarcasm (Tony Snark anyone?), Captain America swing his shield, Thor throw Mjolnir and shoot lightning, and Black Widow use her fast reflexes in separate segments highlighting each.

It’s a lot of action in San Francisco as the most destroyed and attacked bridge in cinematic history once again takes a real beating. There are mercenaries everywhere armed with Tony’s tech. The main villain in this level is Taskmaster, and he is trying to do something dastardly. He’s a villain, don’tcha know.

Without spoiling it completely, something very bad happens, and somehow the heroes are blamed. Fast forward to five years later, and heroes are outlawed. Surprise and shock, the villains aren’t rule followers, so the world is in trouble again and only the same outlawed superhero team can save it. (I’d tell them to get out of my face after being tossed aside, but I’m no hero.) It looks as if you’ll be getting the Avengers band back together to do what they do best.

As far as skin-deep looks, it’s bursting with action and the focus is on a cinematic feel. Yeah, that includes button presses and timed events, but it’s a stunner in motion with some great camera angles. It could be better than some of the movies. Gameplay reminds me of the Batman Arkham series and, more recently, Spider-Man. Those are lofty comparisons, but I’m not as wowed as I wanted to be by the moment to moment action. It’s only one level, and maybe I’m just being Johnny Cynic today.

Marvel’s Avengers is saving your PS4 on May 15, 2020. Give the trailer a watch, and let me know if it blew you away or if you have some reservations about one of next year’s biggest releases.

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