GameStop Reckons We’ll Be Playing Far Cry 5 This November

This one is just a rumour at the moment, but video-game retailer and devil-incarnate GameStop has listed the unannounced game for a November 2017 release.

The listing notes that it’s to release on November 26th, though that happens to be a Sunday. When was the last time a game released on the Sabbath? Never, that’s the answer, so take this rumour as just that: a rumour.

While the release date seems sketchy to say the least, it’s not unthinkable that Ubisoft would want another installment in the franchise to drop in the popular holiday period. Naturally, Ubisoft has refused to comment on rumours and speculation after being asked by Pure PlayStation, so we’ll just assume that Far Cry 5 is in the works. C’mon, it’s definitely happening and it’s only really a matter of time before the French publisher makes a big song and dance about it.

What would you want from Far Cry 5? Do you even want Far Cry 5? Cry afar down in the comments section below.

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