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Gearbox: No Borderlands 3 at E3 2018

According to Gearbox Software, Borderlands 3 will not be at E3 2018 next month. Despite the game already being announced, Gearbox is apparently not going to be showing fans what they want this June.

This information comes via ShackNews. The site reports that Gearbox told a room of journalists (we were not there; we had swimming lessons) that there will be no demo of Borderlands 3 at this year’s E3, but that the software house would be showing other new games.

We don’t know what to make of this one, really. This is all coming after Walmart leaked a bunch of E3 games on its website. This could be the PR team trying to limit the damage so that the expensive marketing campaign that has been planned doesn’t go to waste. Or Gearbox could be telling the truth.

Yeah, this is probably PR BS.

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