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Generation Zero Storms 1980s Sweden in March

Generation Zero is coming on March 26th. The multiplayer scavenger robot shooter (that’s a lot to process, eh?) will allow you and up to three friends to take on the robots that have invaded Sweden in the 1980s. Maybe they run on Absolut and want to be close to an infinite power supply. Figuring out the mystery is part of the game.

The machines themselves are probably the highlight. The big world and the mechanical antagonists are persistent. If you decide to hurt something and run away, you might run into that same damaged machine tomorrow, a week from now, or twenty minutes later. Unless it’s dead, it will always be out there. Waiting.

The combat is focused on using guerrilla tactics. Lure it near you, ambush it, but, whatever you do, don’t fight fair. If one of your fighters is down, revive them to keep on fighting. Strategically target parts of a machine’s armor, weapons, or sensors. When you do win, you can collect some sweet loot.

The world is built by Avalanche, and its Apex engine. It has a weather system, day and night cycles, “simulated ballistics”, and “complex AI behavior”. The soundtrack is supposed to be 1980s-ish too, so I am hoping for synths. So many synths. Bring on the Vangelis, please.

If you want to have a little more than the game, you can purchase the Collector’s Edition. (Not going with the Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Edition feels like a missed opportunity, but I’m no marketer.) It will include a steelbook case, a dala horse statue, a t-shirt, post cards, and a cloth map.

Start your fight for survival when Generation Zero releases on March 26th.

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