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Genesis: Alpha One Gets a New Gameplay Trailer Revealing Planetary Exploration

Team17 and Radiation Blue have released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Genesis: Alpha One game that is being developed by the latter and published by the former. Team17 really is cracking on these days, is it not?

The new trailer, which you can watch up above, reveals that players will be able to land on a wide variety of planets within the game’s galaxy to mine resources, scrounge for new weapons, blueprints for builds, transmissions, and more.

According to the press release, your crew of clones will mine the planet for your while you keep an eye out for any hostiles that may not be too pleased to see you scrounging away all of their precious metals and minerals. Defeating enemies will give you biomass which you can then use to create new clones. Bit mingin’, isn’t it? Taking the dead meat of aliens to make your own clones… Still, it looks bloody good and we’ll be keeping an eye out for Genesis: Alpha One when it releases later this year.

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