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GENSOU Skydrift Brings Its Weird Racing to PS5, PS4 on March 9th

GENSOU Skydrift is one weird as hell racing game where little girls magically fly through the air and ride each other. It’s coming soon to PS4 and PS5 and there’s a new trailer that defies gravity and disbelief.

Studio illuCalab and publisher Phoenixx have announced that the strange racing game, GENSOU Skydrift will release on PS5 and PS4 on March 9th, 2021. The game is a native PS4 release with support for PS5 via backwards compatibility.

The fantasy racer features a tag-team of 22 Touhou Project characters racing through tracks while riding one another like gravity-defying surfboards. It’s a Japanese game. Like that even needed to be said…

There are 20 stages to ride your young ladies through and a narrative-driven Story Mode. Racing games can have stories. Right?

There’s also a Time Attack mode where you can vie for the high score, or you can go online with up to seven other racers.

“Racing games can be intimidating to break into, but a game made by fans and featuring a cute and colourful cast can help change that perception,” said EIKI, lead developer, illuCalab. “GENSOU Skydrift melds the best of a beloved genre with the magic and lore of the Touhou Project to create a game which hides depth and strategy beneath a veneer of simplicity.”

While there may be a hint of derision in my words, the game is actually quite good – apparently. A cursory glance at the game’s Steam page shows that it has very positive reviews from its player base, so maybe there’s something to be had with this weird racer.

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