Gestalt: Steam and Cinder and Disjuntion Demos Available on PC; Coming Later to PS4

One of the changes from the pandemic is that publishers are having online shows. That means streamed gameplay and trailers, but other publishers are making the demos available to play at home. Publisher Sold Out has dropped demos for two of its games onto Steam, and, since a lot of us game wherever we can, you might want to see what’s coming to the PS4 in the future.

First up, we have Disjunction. It’s a sci-fi RPG shooter set in 2048 that my press release says is Hotline Miami crossed with Deus Ex. (OK. You have my attention.) The story takes place in New York after the arrest of a prominent citizen. You’ll make choices in the stories of three different characters with consequences for your actions, and you can play stealthy or loud with different tech and cybernetic upgrades. You can download the demo here.

The next game is Gestalt: Steam and Cinder. This steampunk Metroidvania puts you in the boots of the mercenary Aletheia. You’ll go on a quest to uncover a conspiracy in the city of Canaan while fighting different groups vying for control of this steam-powered city. You can download the demo here.

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Neither one of those seems kid-friendly, but you can also check out the demo KeyWe. This colorful, family game is set in a post office, and the two workers are kiwi birds. Without hands, they will need to use whatever they can to move the levers and push the buttons to get the mail out on time. It’s a co-op puzzle game with environmental hazards and looks pretty fun. It’s not coming to the PS4, but, if you’re already downloading demos from Steam, why not? You can download the demo here.

We only have a “Coming Soon” in lieu of a release date for Disjunction and Gestalt: Steam and Cinder, but both are confirmed for the PS4. Until then, if you have a PC that can run them, you can relive the glory days of playing a demo without having to pre-order the game first.

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