Get A Battlefield 4 and Hardline Map Pack For Free Right Now

Get A Battlefield 4 and Hardline Map Pack For Free Right Now

We’re only a few hours away from Battlefield 5’s official reveal, although a series of leaks from earlier today suggest that the game may actually be called Battlefield 1. If it’s true then it’s an odd naming choice that’s bound to cause a little confusion although all signs point towards it being a World War 1 shooter hence the one in the title. Anyway that’s enough talk on Battlefield’s future because as the title suggests we’re here to talk about the past.

If you have a copy of Battlefield 4 or Hardline knocking about then it might be time to dust it off and pop it back in your PS3 or 4 because over the next few months Dice will be giving all of the map packs for both games away for a grand total of absolutely nothing. Yes for free. Won’t cost you a dime. Nothing.

You might be asking why would they do this? Well their answer is they’ll be giving all the map packs away for free in celebration of Battlefield 5 (or 1 depending on what exactly it turns out to be), however our answer is they’re simply trying to build hype. If you want to take advantage of this offer, and you should even if you don’t own either game, then simply head onto the PS Store and search for Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth and Battlefield Hardline: Robbery before May 10th at 17:00 and both packs will be yours… for free. We’ve included two screenshots down below so you can see for yourself.

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