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Get a Second Helping of Overcooked 2 in New Game+

Overcooked 2 is already a deliciously addictive game to play with your nearest and dearest. But Team 17 are generously handing out seconds in the form of a New Game+ mode.

Please sir, can we have some more? Why yes, yes you can!

The additional challenge will become available once you have beaten the game at least once, and will see a fourth coveted star added to the kitchens. Because it’s not like the three were tricky enough by themselves, is it…

As of yet, there has been no suggestion as to when we should expect the change to drop, but these things don’t tend to happen too long after they are made public. We’re guessing in the next couple of weeks as part of a patch. In the meantime, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of reasons to cook up a storm.

Has news of a New Game+ mode in Overcooked 2 whipped you up into a frenzy? Or are you as cool as a cucumber sandwich on the lawns of Wimbledon? Flip us a comment in the cool box below. 

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