Get Even’s Launch Date Announced and Story Trailer Released

Get Even’s Launch Date Announced and Story Trailer Released

Get Even has been looking quite intriguing in its developmental run. The story looks complex while the merging of stealth and shooting would blur the lines of single and multiplayer. We’re happy to say that the anticipation for release can begin in earnest. Bandai Namco took to the press today in order to announce a worldwide, May 26th release date. They also provided us gamers with a new story trailer that details more of what we already know.

You play as Cole Black who happens to be trapped in an old, abandoned asylum. His memories are also a little out of whack. He doesn’t know if they’re his or not. The only hope he has is to focus on the details of saving a girl who has a bomb. Let’s just say you shouldn’t make assumptions partly because someone called the Master is on the way. You can view the story details above.

Get Even is developed by The Farm 51 who is behind the likes of Deadfall Adventures, Chernobyl VR Project, and even helped in the productions of The Witcher. Time will tell if this conglomeration comes together nicely but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more. Let us know your thoughts on the title and what interests you the most about it.


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