Get Ready for a New Journey with Season 2 in FIFA 18

It seems like players enjoy a little bit of story in their sports games. The Journey mode from FIFA 17 will be returning for Season 2 in FIFA 18. According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, more than 10 million people played The Journey. (Unfortnately, that has nothing to do with the band, but don’t stop believin’.) That is obviously far too many of you for EA to ignore. On a slightly related note, it is also a little creepy that game companies can see how much and what you play.

In the original mode from FIFA 17, you followed the career of Alex Hunter as he pursues his goal of being a footballer in the Premier League. It is not clear if Season 2 will continue with Alex, or if it will be an entirely new player, but either option is possible.

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EA also said that FIFA sold more copies than any other console game in the world. That is not an easy feat, and we hope The Journey Season 2 lives up to player’s expectations.

To see what we thought of The Journey you can check out our review here.

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