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Get Ready to Party with Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Metal Wolf Chaos XD finally leaves Japan tomorrow, and there is a new animated trailer to celebrate it’s August 6th launch. Originally released in 2004, this remake takes a game that was previously unavailable outside Japan (unless you threw down a pile of money and spent some time to find it) and adds some HD visuals and other improvements.

Created by Powerhouse Animation, the team behind Netflix’s Castlevania series, we see the president giving an address to the American people from the oval office. It’s a powerful speech about freedom and justice, while tanks invade the White House grounds. It sets up the story in the game, and it gives you a sampling of what you can expect from the dialogue. If you want to see actual gameplay, I’ve added that trailer at the bottom.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is not like From Software’s other games such as Armored Core or the Souls series. After a governmental coup by the VP, the US President jumps into a mech suit to free his fellow Americans. I think I can tell you that the trailers give you an idea of how crazy this game can be. For our full thoughts and review, check back with us soon.

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