Get The Full Season of Hitman Coming to Disc Next Year

Does this newfangled world of downloadable, episodic gaming conflict with your old fashioned disc-based, gaming sensibilities? Fear not, lovers of complete experiences! The entire Hitman first season is coming to disc on January 31st, and it is bringing some additional goodies to reward your patience.

The physical release will contain, “all episodes of the game, the prologue mission, three bonus missions including the upcoming Landslide, a soundtrack, a making of documentary and the Requiem Blood Money pack with classic items” plus the six Sarajevo Six missions all packaged in a nice Steelbook case.

If you have been waiting to pick up the full game, this seems like a great package, and, if you have not played any of the episodes, we have a special guest review of episode four available here to let you know what to expect. Will Hitman infiltrate your gaming library in January?

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