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Get the Lead Out; An Ancient Army Awakens in Songbringer

Imagine playing as a shirtless, carefree dude just looking for some fun and you accidentally wake up an ancient, evil army that throws the galaxy into war. Now picture this action RPG as procedurally generated. This is what you can expect on Roq and Jib’s adventure in Songbringer. After seeking out the ultimate party, Roq ends up causing a galaxy wide war and it’s up to him and his sidekick, Jib, to save the day. You can expect to battle mobs, virus androids, huge bosses, and solve puzzles all across the solar winds. Also, local co-op will allow for a second player to control Jib.

A unique aspect to the procedurally generated universe is the six-letter world seed code you can enter when starting a new game. Depending on your input, you’ll explore up to 308 million environment combinations. No playthrough will ever be identical unless you put in the same code or share yours to friends. You can check out the announcement trailer above.

Songbringer is being developed by Wizard Fu and is expected to arrive sometime in Summer 2017. So far the title looks to be inspired by Zelda and other sci-fi wayfarer tales. We’ll leave it up to you to guess which ones in the comments below.


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