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Get to Know the Characters of Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning dropped a trailer today to show you all the interesting characters you’ll be meeting as you play the upcoming survival RPG. Along with the character name and voice actor’s name, you see one of the unique mechanics in action. After the end of the world, each of the eight clones named after a deadly sin has a lifespan of 13 days. During that time, they experience multiple stages of life from being a child to old age. Each stage has unique benefits such as being a stronger fighter or being able to fit into smaller areas.

You will die through out the game as you scavenge for supplies to survive, fight monsters, and uncover each character’s past. Dying can actually make you stronger for the next time, so it’s not a loss if you learn or earn something. There are a lot of ways to die though, so you may be learning a lot, including the fact that not going to the bathroom in the game will kill you too.

We know you’ll be building and exploring areas of the world, but most of the story is being kept under wraps for now. Since it’s from the minds of the people who created the wonderful Danganronpa, I’m not expecting everything to be sunshine and lollipops, but I fully expect some crazy twists and turns.

We’ll get to see how crazy when Zanki Zero: Last Beginning lives, dies, and lives again when it launches on April 9th.

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