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Get Your Creative Juices Flowing Because Dreams Has Gone Gold

Ever since it was announced, Dreams has had us rethinking what a video game should be. Because if a pair of plumbers can become global superstars then anything is game, right? Well, we won’t have to wait too long now to turn those ideas into reality because it has officially gone gold.

The only question is whether our concepts will ever do the same. Looking at my scrawlings, I very much doubt it. But I have a lot more faith in you, dear reader, so go do me proud!

This milestone means that the launch build of Dreams has officially been signed off. Now, all those lines of code are ready to be zapped on to discs and pressed into cases. Sure, some details may change between now and launch (after all, what else would we use those beloved first day patches for?). But the game, if you can call it that, is ready to be released into the world and put through its paces by all you budding Kojimas.

Maybe your first project can be to build a Metal Gear Solid V that makes sense?

All the fun of being a developer will be available from February 14th. And in addition to the base game, both PSVR compatibility and further content is expected to be added to Dreams at a later date. Plus, it’s a strong contender for being a dual generation title with a PS5 release so watch this space.

The future looks infinite with this one, a bit like Minecraft, or dare I say it, No Man’s Sky.

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