Get Your Dating Game on When Inclusive Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker Hits Consoles

Get Your Dating Game on When Inclusive Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker Hits Consoles

The witty, British dating sim that was originally released on mobile devices is coming to console. PlayStation 4 owners will soon be able to build their own dating agency and guide those clients through all the tribulations of dating. This time Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker will come with an updated avatar system and new dynamic dialogue presets. It also doesn’t hurt to call the game rather eccentric. The title is currently expected to launch on February 7th.

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker isn’t just a fun dating sim, it’s also really about love being for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, hair colour or penchants for giant robot anime,” said Game Director, Richard Franke. “We were overwhelmed and humbled by the positive response of Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker on the smaller screen, and are so excited to bring it to a wider audience on PS4 and Xbox One.”

The dating sim is developed by Magic Notion and was originally released on iOS and Android devices back in 2014 before making its way to PC/Mac the very next year. You can check out on the console reveal trailer above and let us know how well you think you’d run a dating agency!

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