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Ghost of Tsushima Gets a Rating in Australia, Yay?

Ghost of Tsushima

The Coronavirus is causing a lot of disruption to the gaming market, never mind to the world as a whole. And as a result, many of the games we have been looking forward to have been delayed. However, Ghost of Tsushima might be the exception to that rule – if a recent rating issue is anything to go by. But is that just wishful thinking on our part?

Probably. But, then again, a rating doesn’t get issued unless the game is pretty much ready to go (because there’s no point considering something that still hasn’t had all the naughtier bits put in). So, maybe it’s still on track to meet its launch date, after all.

The rating was issued in the country of Australia. And puts the game in the MA15+ category, which is about the norm these days – you know, bad language and bad behaviour aplenty. But many gamers are reading even more into this by taking it as proof that a June release is still on the cards. Mostly because it is a process that marks the development process nearing its end as the publishing team dot the is and cross the ts with markets around the world.

However, even if the game is nearing completion, there’s nothing here to confirm things either way. And there are many other hurdles for it to jump. That means we’ll have to do the mature thing of waiting for further news. But who knows – maybe we’ll be surprised and Ghost of Tsushima will be a game of Sony’s that actually beats the bottleneck.

Here’s hoping, at least. Otherwise, we’re going to have to give our backlog all our attention. And nobody wants to do that, do they?

Source: Twisted Voxel

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