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Ghost of Tsushima Goes Doggie Mad, Get Ready to Sniff Out the Enemy!

Ghost of Tsushima

I’ve never played a game like the Ghost of Tsushima and thought, “You know what? The one thing this game is lacking in is dogs.” And that’s coming from this doggie mad writer. But, for some unknown reason, that’s exactly what has gone through the heads of its developers as they have now implemented the pet as a companion. These furry NPCs will help you sniff out the enemy – hopefully giving you the upper paw when it comes to combat. However, I’m not too sure how seriously the Mongols will take your Ghost when they see him wielding a sword and a poopa scoopa?!?

If you want their assistance, though, you’ll have to earn their trust. Not by throwing them a bone but by petting them. After that, they will be an ally of yours and never give you a moment to yourself again. That last bit comes from personal experience, but I assure you it is accurate. You’d better get the biscuity bribes ready now.

Elsewhere, you’ll also be able to stroke the Spirit Pups – just in case you weren’t getting enough mutt love. And you can preview both actions by watching the videos over on Ghost of Tsushima’s Twitter page (embedded below). That’s because the feature won’t drop until October 16th, in what is being described as a major free update, so you’ll be fighting alone until then.

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