Ghost of Tsushima Needs 50GB Plus, Unsurprisingly

Ghost of Tsushima

Another big game gets listed online, and another news piece gets written about just how much storage space it needs. Well, today we’re talking about the Ghost of Tsushima, which appears to need 50 gigabyte of space on your hard drive. That’s hardly surpassing, considering just how good it looks in the trailers. But it has still caused enough of a stir online to earn itself a news piece. So, I thought we might as well follow suit. You know, to keep you up to date on the what’s what of the PlayStation-ing world.

The rumoured file size stems from its listing over on the PlayStation Store, where the big five-oh has been published. But I personally believe that’s quite an admirable achievement, considering the scope of its open world. And it’s a far easier figure to swallow than Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Red Dead Redemption 2. After all, it won’t be too difficult for most of us to make that much space available – if we’re already full to the rafters – whilst it’s large enough to suggest that the game hasn’t been overly compressed.

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So, thus far, the game looks like quality. And this announcement does nothing to suggest otherwise. So that’s a win, win for us and Ghost of Tsushima.

Source: PlayStation Store

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