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Ghost of Tsushima Patch 1.06 Helps You Find Collectibles

The latest update for Ghost of Tsushima wants to make your life a little easier. And it does this by adding both audio and visual cues to your Traveller’s Attire that make you aware of nearby collectibles. This assist is just one few changes added in Patch 1.06, and can supersede the controller’s vibration if need be. But was it really such a problem that needed a fix – because, to an extent, all collectibles (at least those worth finding) demand some effort on our part, no?

On that basis, let’s just hope these cues don’t come in the form of a big, bright LED arrow because where’s the fun in that…

Elsewhere, supersized text has been rolled out across further screens – including objective text. And the black screen that has been plaguing progress has also been addressed. So, now you can both see and read what’s happening, which is useful when it comes to playing video games. Finally, a “sticking point” in the Yarikawa tales is now fixed, meaning players shouldn’t be getting stuck there ever again. And more generic bugs have been squashed, just like every other update that drops.

All this comes quite soon after Patch 1.05, which offered players the chance to either lower or increase the difficulty. However, considering the genre, I think Ghost of Tsushima is a game that knows its audience and they’re probably OK with the challenge. But at least the option is there if you need it. Me, I’d at least need a few genies, and even then it would be a miracle if I made the end in a respectable time…

Patch 1.07, we await you!

Source: SuckerPunch

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