Ghost of Tsushima Patch 1.07 Solves Your Deadzone Woes

Ghost of Tsushima has been gifted a new update, which is designed primarily to remedy the drifting issues some players have reported with their thumbsticks. So, from patch 1.07 onwards, you’ll be able to tweak the tolerances involved with the controller-game interface and save yourself from death due to deadzones. Although, if my experience of the game is anything to go by, there are plenty of other things wanting to end you…

The community of fans should be happy with how the team have handled Ghost of Tsushima’s updates, what with them being a very common occurrence indeed. But as is becoming the norm in gaming, there are a few other additions ‘under the hood’ of this patch hoping to make an improvement to your experience.

These smaller changes will target a number of bugs that have been reported to the team, and which they have subsequently managed to resolve. But as you can see from the Tweet below, I don’t have much more to say. The update was announced and described within Twitter’s constraints, with only an image for company.

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So, the official patch notes might as well be mine…

This does seem to be a welcomed improvement, though, as many have complained their Ghost is walking himself around the area. And they have also called for it to become a more common setting as we venture into the next generation of hardware. But with controller customisation being something PC users are usually exclusively granted, I’m not too sure if we’ll see it – not unless some sort of advanced settings window was added to the console’s own UI, which is not impossible. Then you could tune things to your heart’s delight for whatever game you’re playing; that would certainly be useful with the wheel, too.

Elsewhere, gamers continue to wait for the multiplayer capability, having platinumed the game already. But maybe it’s worth returnig to, now there’s no ‘Monster Mash’ dad dancing going on?

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