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Ghost of Tsushima’s State of Play Shows off Exploration, Combat, and Customization

Ghost of Tsushima is looking very impressive, and not even YouTube’s heavy compression during today’s State of Play can change my mind. The in-depth look at Suckerpunch’s PS4 exclusive started with a look at exploration. The wind plays a big part and can guide you to new locations. Following smoke on the horizon or finding oddly shaped trees can also take you to something interesting in the world. Finally, we saw birds and foxes leading Jin to new places with items.

Combat was the second focus, and it’s cool. As a samurai, Jin can challenge another warrior to a lethal duel. The timing appears to be very important with the voiceover saying that no movement can be wasted if you want to survive. As a ghost, Jin uses surprise and deceit to overcome the Mongols. Looking a bit like the Assassin’s Creed in Japan that people keep asking for, he sneaks into the same camp at night. Using smoke bombs, kunai, and a lot of fear, he’s able to overcome the superior force. It’s a great way to see an alternate way of taking on the same objective.

The last major point was customization. The presentation showed different clothing and armor. The armor will give Jin different buffs, and they showed off some of these as well. By finding flowers, you can change the color of your armor too.

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They closed with a few things that you might not expect. They started by showing off the photo mode, and that’s almost a given with big games like this. The difference is the amount of control you have over the scene, including the wind direction. The option for a Japanese voice track was a welcome surprise, and you can play the entire game that way. Finally, they have a Samurai Cinema mode that adds extra wind, changes everything to black and white, and gives everything a heavy coat of film grain. You can play the game in the same style as your favorite samurai films. I’m suggesting it be called “Kurosawa Mode”, but that’s just me.

These are only a few points from the overall show. I strongly recommend you watch the entire State of Play to see why Ghost of Tsushima is earning its place among the top games of the year.

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