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Ghost Recon Breakpoint is Getting a LOT of Content in Year 1, Including a Terminator Storyline

Ubisoft has announced today the content roadmap for its upcoming tactical shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and boy, there’s a lot of stuff coming our way. The game isn’t even out yet, and I’m already stressing about not having the time to play the additional stuff! Modern gaming, I suppose.

The year-long season of content will be broken up into three episodes, with Episode 1 beginning on the game’s launch day. Episode One: Operation Greenstone will launch on October 4th and will run through until January 2020. The episode will bring with it a new Raid set on a volcanic island; a new Live Event which will see a narrative focused on… the T-800 Terminator. Yes, you read that right. I also had to take a second look.

You’ll also get a new Class, with the first being The Engineer who will be free for all players, though Year 1 Pass owners will get the Class unlocked without the need for Skill Points.

Rounding off Episode 1’s content is a new set of Faction missions and a PvP gameplay mode called ‘Ghost War’. Yeah, the same one that is currently available in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Unfortunately, not all of this content will be free. That’s where the Year 1 Pass comes into play. Here’s what you get with a Year 1 Pass:

All Gold and Ultimate Editions of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will give you access to the Year 1 Pass, which can also be purchased individually. The Year 1 Pass will provide the following:

  • Access to the two Year 1 adventures and their rewards (non-owners can be invited to play the entire mission)
  • One-week early access to the three new classes and instant unlock
  • Siren’s Call Mission coming day one
  • Special Operation Forces pack, which includes:
    • Scorpio Scout | Quiet Blueprint
    • 1400 Skell Credits to craft the blueprint once at Maria’s shop or a bivouac
    • Covered ACH
    • Crye G3 Combat Pants
    • Cross Draw Vest

And as this is a Ubisoft game, there will be numerous currencies to get confused by and time-saver packs to waste money on. Unfortunately these things are still hanging on, but at least it’s not riddled with lootboxes, so that’s something.

Source: Ubisoft

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