Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Lives On With PS5 4K Upgrade Plans

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is refusing to give up as the practically forgotten game secures itself a next generation upgrade. Something I’m sure will surprise a few of you today. That’s because I would question whether the demand still exists for such a polish, with it being probably being wiser at this point to move on to better things. But Ubisoft seem to disagree and are giving it the full 4K treatment.

Well, nearly the full 4K treatment because, technically, it will be upscaled.

The changes will be applied to the PlayStation 4 game, so you will be playing it via backwards capability rather than being able to download a whole new version. However, you will now be given the choice as to whether prioritise frame rate or graphics. That is, 1080P and 60 frames per second or (upscaled) 4K and the original rate. The latter will depend on stability, which can severely dampen any enthusiasm granted by the finer detail on offer. But 1080P is not enough for many gamers these days, so it’s a chance that’s normally taken.

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Whether it pays off, is another thing…

The upscaled 4K visuals is proving disappointing with fans online, who were quick to point out it runs natively on the computer as is. And many others are simply expressing their sympathy with the development team for this apparent refusal to let a game bow out with some dignity. If it hasn’t caught the hearts of gamers by now, I doubt it ever will – no matter the facelift it’s given. If only Ubisoft would admit the same.

Source: Ubisoft

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