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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Won’t Be Getting An Immersive Mode Just Yet

A much awaited update for Ghost Recon Breakpoint has officially been delayed, with special forces operators being told they won’t get it until Spring. A couple of other new additions will also launch alongside. But for the time being at least, the game will be limited to its current state.

That drop date next week did look a little too good to be true, what with the lack of news we’ve been getting. Still doesn’t soften the blow, though!

Unfortunately, the term Spring is also the nearest thing we have to a rescheduled date at the minute. But you and I both know that the season isn’t exactly short, so your guess is as good as mine as to when things will be ready again to launch. We can only hope the extra few weeks will prove worthwhile and the promised ‘immersive mode’ is all the better for it. Otherwise the disappointment will strike again.

Like a not so subtle enemy – missing their camouflage and with more ammo than sense!

Ubisoft do, at least, promise to update us soon. And the press statement also included news of additional content in the form of a new Engineer class and Episode 2. However, in today’s climate, keeping your player base engaged is more important than anything – what with the big title games that are launching month after month. And announcing delays like this does nothing to help with that.

It’s fair to say that Ghost Recon Breakpoint might just be reaching its breaking point. And not even the Clancy himself could help it then.

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