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Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gets A Battle Royale Mode

Good news. Ubisoft hasn’t forgotten about Ghost Recon: Wildlands, even though it’s sequel is due out in a few months. In fact, they’re even adding a new game mode, so this shooter is far from dead.

In what will be its last big update, an eight person free for all called Mercenaries is being added to the roster. And will see you spawn weaponless but clothed. All you need to do is find the extraction point and get there before anyone else. Simples? Not quite. 

You see, the finish line is not shown on the map explicitly. In fact, when things first kick off, it’s not there at all. Instead, you will need to activate a series of radio transmitters – scattered around the battlefield – in order to narrow down the possible locations of said rescue. But everyone else has got the same idea, so expect to gear up at some point and “take out the competition”. Although, that might not be the best tactic…

That’s because, in addition to you and the seven other Clancy-ites, there are Unidad soldiers converging on to your location. And they’re not exactly there to help you out. So, you might need a little help from your friends. Or at least a distraction for the soldiers whilst you hot foot it to glory. I think they call it sacrifice?

As you’ve probably worked out by now, the first person to board the extraction helicopter wins and ends the match. But you can’t enter said helicopter if other players are in the vicinity. So, again, you might need to rely on a little weaponised persuasion. That is, unless you’re happy to hold the door open for someone else?

This PvPvE mode is something Ubisoft has been pouring their efforts over for a while, which makes this sound a bit like a Beta opportunity for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’s features. After all, you wouldn’t go to all that hard work just to launch it on a game that will be superseded shortly, would you?

Source: YouTube

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