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GioTek’s Fortnite-Inspired PS4 Controllers Out Now

If you’re looking for a second PS4 controller, GioTek has released some new variations of its solid, budget-friendly VX-4 gamepads for PlayStation 4.

The new variations are the arctic-camo wired controller, which is £19.99, and the deep purple wireless controller, which retails for £34.99 at UK retailer Argos, which is currently stocking the pads.

If you’re looking to go online with Fortnite’s new split-screen mode but don’t want to invest too much in a controller that’ll only be used for one purpose, these will do the job just fine. In fact, I’ve previously reviewed this controller model a while back and found it be a cheap and cheerful piece of equipment that, while not a contender for #1 gamepad in my house (that goes to the Nacon Pro Revolution) it’s a solid backup pad for playing some local multiplayer games, or as a spare for when the main has been thrown out the window in a fit of rage. We’ve all been there.

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