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Giraffe and Annika Combines Rhythm Game and Exploration on a Magic Island; Coming August 28th

Giraffe and Annika was announced in a new trailer today. The story follows the adventures of a catgirl named Annika who wakes up on a magical island named Spica. The island and its inhabitants are a mystery, because she has lost all of her memories. Although she doesn’t know who she is, a boy named Giraffe knows her and tells her to collect star fragments to remember. Not everyone is friendly or helpful. A witch named Lily also seems to know her and tries to fight her. To further compound her problems, the first star fragment causes her to have visions.

To find all three star fragments, Annika will have to explore the island and uncover its secrets. The trailer shows her opening chests, riding a minecart over lava, and maybe using an outhouse. It also shows her in a rhythm-based battle, and there will be multiple bosses to overcome along the journey.

The presentation seems light and friendly which matches the “E” rating from the ESRB. The cutscenes are told in a storybook style, and the rest of the game world looks colorful but not full-on cartoony. It looks like a sweet story with the visuals to match.

If you need something like that, Giraffe and Annika is coming on August 28th. (I love these announcements for games coming soon.) You can buy the Musical Mayhem Edition on NIS America’s store for $49.99. It will come with the game, the “Songs of Spica” soundtrack, “Annika’s Adventure Log” artbook, “Familiar Faces” patch set, and a nice collector’s box to house those goodies.

Check out the trailer and screenshots for a better look at this upcoming game.

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