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Give Your Tired Eyes a Rest with the Official Sony PS4 Gaming Glasses

Some of us here spend a significant amount of time with our PS4, especially if we are trying to finish a game for a review. In fact, we spend so much time our gentleman or lady friends might start to become jealous, or we might forget our own birthdays as we partake in “no life-ing”,  a term cleverly coined by our own Kyle Durant.

This will hopefully explain some of why our eyes appear to be tired and bloodshot, but Numskull Designs has a plan to help gamers avoid tired eyes. They have developed a pair of gaming glasses that will keep you playing long after your eye drops would have normally evaporated into steam. (For reference, Numskull is the company that sold the Resident Evil 4D candle. We are not sure of the company’s optical expertise, but it is creative.)

Other than the controller button emblems on the side of the frame, we are not sure how these are specific to the PS4. They are a simple frame with amber lenses like you have seen in other “pro gamer” eye wear. The site says it “filters blue light”, “reduces UV glare”, and will “help reduce digital eye strain”. It also “delivers sharper on screen detail”. (Will it make our base PS4 play everything in 4K?)

In general, do these types of glasses actually work? We have no idea, and, outside the summaries of a few conflicting studies that may have been funded by companies with an interest in selling you lenses (that do not have working links now), it is difficult to say. Maybe someone with more patience and willingness to Google their way to an answer can drop a semi-professional opinion in the comments.

You can read more about the Official Sony PS4 Gaming Glasses on Numskull’s site  and order them from Amazon. If you are in the US, they will cost $37.99 or £24.99 in the UK.


If you use gaming eye wear, please let us know your thoughts. Does it reduce strain? Does the tint interfere with the colors you see on the screen? Can you game for longer? Does it make you stronger, thinner, and better looking? We need to know. 

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