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Glide to Your Dinner in AWAY: The Survival Series Demo

Away: The Survival Series is coming to the PS4 eventually, but they dropped a demo to give you a taste of their gliding mechanic. As a small sugar glider in gaming’s take on nature documentaries, you will need to ride with the wind to catch your prey. There are some compact areas that will test your ability to navigate the environment and little speed boosting spheres to keep you moving.

My keyboard control is less than optimal, but you can use a controller from that other system that people tell me has superior graphics. I met my end with trees, water, rocks, and generally anything, but I wouldn’t use me as your benchmark. If you can reach the end, there are even some animals you can possess.

Away: The Survival Series is still in Kickstarter, but it was announced during a Sony State of Play. It looks very interesting. If you want to try the demo, you can download it on your PC here. The full game should be available sometime next year.

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